There are many reasons why I wanted to finally create a blog after thinking about it for so long, WordPress was quite an accessible app to use with voice-over and allowed a forum for me to blog about my experiences in order to help others that are blind and don’t just want to exist but, to live in a perfectly normal way. I also wanted to show that people who are disabled can look gorgeous and have the best clothes. A blind person can have a fulfilling and bright life even though we live in the dark. The stereotype of a disabled person is one of vulnerability but you can be strong and independent with the right tools.

When I lost my sight last year I longed to have someone to just help me get back on track, a website or blog that I could just access that helped me with someone who had been through it and could relate. I know there are lots of things out there to help but they aren’t all in one place. I wanted to create a place on the internet that discussed everything from Guide Dogs to make-up that bridged the gap between disabled and perfectly-abled. A place that gives everyone hope and ways to keep smiling as technology is so great. Throughout this year I have tackled the realisation and acceptance of becoming a young woman that can’t see, which is extremely frightening but after all the upset there is the next realisation and it was the fact that if you want to be, you can be like everyone else you just need to give yourself a little bit longer but you will get there with persistence. Yes there are days when giving up seems like the better option but everyone can do anything if they really want to do it, this may seem cliche but from experience I know if you tell yourself this everyday, sighted or not, you will get somewhere.

Lucy 🙂


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