Filming your first video is scary but worth it when its complete, I didn’t think I would get so nervous just talking to a camera but I did. I think its because I am so determined to make a change and make people feel happy and content with who they are no matter whats going on in their life. I hope in the months to come people may get some use out of my videos and blog!
The title screen graphics are set on a spotty pastel peach background with light peach and orangey yellow dots, it begins with a white directors clapper-board spinning in from the middle of the screen gradually growing and opening up. It snaps and out pops the curly writing of Yesterdays wishes in white, this shoots out from the middle of the screen where the clapper board has landed and bounces off the middle right of the screen then pushes the clapper board away in replacement.

I am wearing a blouse from Topshop it has a cream collar and cuffs and the majority of it is black. Under the collar is gold and white beads running down to the bottom of the shirt. My make-up includes L’Oreal Infallible foundation in porcelain, pf115 Illamasqua bf115 powder foundation, Illamasqua powder blush in lover – which is an orangey peach colour, Sin from Urban Decay’s Naked pallet which is a rich medium pink shimmer eye shadow, Mac Saigon Summer lipstick which is an orangey peach colour.

The end slate contains a pastel yellow background with pastel blue and pastel pink paint brush strokes with Yesterdayswishes in light grey childish writing in the middle of the screen. There are light grey moving graphics which include an eye that from side to side (situated in the top left corner), Lips which are applying lipstick with a lipstick stick (which is situated at the top, middle), a spinning sun (situated in the top right corner), a t-shirt waving in the breeze (situated at the middle, right of the screen), a spinning smiley face (situated in the bottom right corner), a book turning through its pages (situated at the middle, bottom of the screen) and finally there is a bird pecking at its food (bottom left corner of the screen). All of these graphics look like they have been drawn by a child and are very simplistic.

If you aren’t able to click on the link below my YouTube is and the video is called Blind people can be normal! | yesterdayswishes

If you are able to click a link here is the video: hope you found this useful!

Lucy 🙂


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