Guide Dogs are Beautiful!

I can’t actually describe how excited I am to train with Olga this week and I love her so much already. If you aren’t a dog lover I apologise in advance as I am very excited about getting her as my life is finally getting back to normal! My mobility will get better and I will be able to get to places on my own again which is amazing. I can’t actually thank Guide Dogs enough for this.  They are such an amazing organisation who bring happiness to blind people like me when you are about to give up all hope.

I would also like to note that Alex Day is cool, so go and subscribe to him! He always has goals for himself to achieve and exudes the motivation to make others do the same!

Here is a link to my video:

I am wearing a blue and white peplum jumper from Miss Selfridge.

In this video I am mainly sitting with Olga but it flashes to vlogs I have taken that are either me in Pets at Home or just of Olga doing silly things E.g. at the end of the video, Olga licks the camera.

Any questions you have I will be happy to answer them! Any suggestions, I will be happy to hear them!


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