Blind Life Hack Series: Apps

Hey guys, this is my first video in a series that I’m starting on my channel called Blind Life Hacks. I will discuss different things that I have discovered that make my life easier and share them with you as you may find them useful too! This video is about apps on the iPhone, I’m not sure if Tap Tap See is on Android or Windows phones for you guys but I just wanted to share how great it was in deciphering different items and their colours. It really helps you match your clothes in the morning! I also wanted to start this series as it may help others be aware of how you can help the blind people you know have an easier life. A lot of people don’t know how to help when a person goes blind as they may know nothing about it so this is a great way of helping everyone understand and learn a quicker way of doing things.

In this video I am wearing a blue denim shirt from Topshop and I hold up my White Apple iPhone 5 to demonstrate the app: Tap Tap See

I would love to hear the apps you recommend and any other blind life hacks you would want me to discuss in the future!

Will write soon 🙂

Lucy x

Here is a link to the video:

Here is a link to my Twitter:


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