A Quick Quote and Ask Lucy

I thought I would leave you guys with this quote as you are waiting a bit longer for my video this week. I love Helen Keller quotes and this is one of her more famous ones, but I love it!

‘The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.’ – Helen Keller

I have also said to myself today that I am filming a vlog, and with all the things I have to update you with, I’m thinking it’s going to be quite long! This week’s video is my first ‘Ask Lucy’ where I answer the comments that I haven’t been able to reply to whilst training with my Guide Dog for the past few weeks. Hope you all have a nice weekend and I will set my weekly video to upload for 18:00 GMT/10:00 PST, see you then.

Continue reading for the audio description of the video

In this video I am wearing a black jumper with white minimalistic cats all over it sitting on lines of white (it’s from H&M and it’s not a thick jumper, it’s quite thin). My hair is straight in this video unlike most of my other videos where my hair is curly! I have pastel baby pink nail varnish on which is a perfect colour for the spring as pastels are all in!

On the video the comments are annotated and screenshotted from YouTube. All the annotations of the comments fade in from all sides of the screen when I am reading out the comments. My face blurs out and the comments take the main focus as I am reading them out. Sometimes when I read out the comments I don’t read out the full version of the comment so below I will list all the full comments for you as everyone else reads them on the video.

1) The Bacon Warrior asks: Hey, I really enjoyed this video but I do have one question (I hope you don’t take offence toward it) I just want to know how you read the comments, or does someone else read them to you? ThNks, and keep on making videos!

Paul Thomas asks: This is amazingly heartwarming :3 i only wish that the person was able to read and see all the support from me and everyone else πŸ˜₯

Theo Fraser asks: I’m not sure if you can read this comments, I hope you can. I just wanted to say that I think your hair is a very nice color and I really liked this video. Your optimism is heart-warming.

2) zhotmama62310 asks: Firstly let me say I find this video so amazing. You are an awesome person so sharing your story and experiences. I hope u don’t find this question rude but I always wondered what are your dreams like? Are they more visual or more focused on your other senses?

3) Tara Cavan asks: I love your videos, I was just wondering how you edit them? Do you do it yourself and if so what do you use? πŸ™‚

4) Holly Aitken asks: Aww I want to meet her someday does she go to vidcon or sitc

5) Gina Molle asks: Olga is gorgeous! What exactly does she help you with? Is it lots of day to day tasks or does it tend to be more when you leave the house and the like? I hope you don’t mind my asking this, I’d just really like to learn more about this topic. Also, your hair looks really really pretty πŸ˜€ your videos have made my day, you seem like such a lovely person and I wish you all the best x

6) Maria Eugenia asks: I’m studying architecture and it’s common for architects and designer to overlook disabled people when designing and planning. Listening to you talking about all the great things out there for blind/disabled people and how you can lead a normal life thanks to them is definitely an inspiration for me to think about ways to make it easier for you! You are so lovely I hope you keep making vids ❀

7) Sugar Coco asks: It looks like there’s something wrong with her left eye? Is there?

Lucy x




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