The Unexpected Operation!

Hey guys, I thought I would write about my experience as I haven’t written on here for ages and wanted to let you know that I haven’t fallen down a well and I am still writing blog posts. I would love to know your experiences on operations and how they went for you because they are scary but rewarding at the same time.

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On the 22nd of March I had once again come into a bit of a mishap! Exactly a year after my retinal detachment operation I was going out with my boyfriend to try and forget about a year ago, we had dinner and Russell Howard tickets planned. I was walking quickly up the stairs after Olga and the stair gate was open at the top facing out, Olga was running in front of me and her tail brushed against the gate, enough to be in line with my right eye and obviously me not being able to see it I went head and eye first into the very edge of the sharp metal gate, this went quite deep into my skin just below my eye and I screamed! I rushed up to A&E and after a 2 hour wait mine and Ollie’s plans for the day were getting slowly ruined! I had a really helpful doctor who assessed and cleaned my eye in order to check if any metal was in the scar, thankfully there wasn’t and I was transferred to the eye hospital as the laceration couldn’t just be stitched as it was too deep! I was told at the eye hospital A&E that I would have to have an operation but I had to wait for a specialist to perform the op as it was tricky to repair! I waited over the weekend and applied gel to the laceration and just made it to the Russell Howard gig where we proceeded to buy two massive pizzas to forget about the day! On Tuesday I had a right canalicular repair, right lower lid laceration operation and everything went well other than the fact I had a sore throat so when I came out of the operation after being under general anaesthetic I literally had no saliva in my mouth! It was so so dry! I don’t know if any of you guys have been under general anaesthetic but every time I come round from it, it makes me shake a lot! From now on I will not be charging up the stairs and will never leave the stair gate open again! When me and Olga move into our flat I won’t have the stair gate problem anyway! I feel like I have so many video ideas but because of this operation and my A-levels approaching I am getting no time to film! All I can say is that I will do my very best to get videos up for you guys and will definitely film more in the summer as I have a lot planned! I will most likely film more vlogs this coming month, but we shall see how it goes, I will keep you posted! I think I will always be wary of the 22nd of March now, I don’t think the day likes me hehe! Making the most of my week off by lying in bed eating grapes and chocolate, if I balance out unhealthy and healthy it doesn’t make me feel really bad about eating so much chocolate! I hope you guys are doing well and are having lovely weeks,

Will write soon

Lucy xx


One thought on “The Unexpected Operation!

  1. My experience with surgery is that more often than not I end up exhausted after it rather than in much pain, boredom is another big thing so I would recommend taking along something for entertainment just in case. They should give you enough pain killers for pain to be little problem, I hope all goes great. 🙂

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