No Dog’s Dinners!

We all have lazy days but there will come a point where you say to yourself that you actually have to get up and try harder at this thing we call life. Everything requires motivation for anyone to do the simplest of things but like everything they are easy if you know how! I wanted to write about how I make my life easier as a blind person doing the simplest of things. I wanted to talk about one of my Blind Life Hacks

Eating in restaurants and knowing what’s on the menu.

All these things seem so simple and I don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence but when I first went blind I had no clue really how to tell what I was eating unless I used my fingers, which, in a public place with food like curry isn’t the ideal thing to do! I tend to always look at menus online before I go to the restaurant so I know what I am ordering. I used to get anxiety about not being able to read the menu myself and being the last one to order as I used to take ages having the menu read out to me. So to save time and anxiety I look at all the options before I go. I would suggest ordering a dish that isn’t sauce based, especially if you are blind and on a first date! I would probably suggest that on anyone’s first date to be honest! But yes, in my experience sauces don’t end well and they are harder to pick up with utensils. You don’t necessary know if you have it on your spoon. However if you are going to go for this and don’t want to rule it out on a more casual evening meal out I would go systematically around the dish getting most of the sauce. Nevertheless I tend to order solid based foods like chicken, salads, chips, sandwiches, burgers and pizzas naming a few. Finger food is a good option and is self-explanatory but if the knife and fork are needed I suggest going from left to right just with a fork to distinguish quickly what’s on your plate. The tendency is to also hunch over your dinner so maybe consciously make sure your back is straight. If you are worried that your food may be a little big just ask when ordering if your dish can be cut up, if your friend is nice they will ask the same if you want them to! In most places now they provide braille menus which you can request when ordering or when at the door. Also my advice is to have a set place to where your drink is as I have had a few spillages oops! I suggest practising with utensils at home before you go to a restaurant so you get quicker at doing this. You may not always know what you are going to eat from bite to bite but I just think of it as a lucky dip! Eating out doesn’t have to be an anxious experience, all you have to do is know how to and you won’t look like a pig eating with your fingers! Square plates are helpful! I find them easier to navigate and somehow the food doesn’t seem to come off the plate as it has higher edges. Maybe something to think about when buying plates for your home but certainly don’t restrict yourself to square plates because at restaurants the plate served isn’t in your control typically. If you have some vision for contrasting colours I would suggest getting utensils that are black and white as this is useful to distinguish utensil from plate. There are also non-slip mats that you can get so your plate stays in one place they don’t usually cost much and are really useful if, like me, you are clumsy!

Hope this helped! Always keep a napkin nearby regardless!



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