The ‘What’s in my Mouth?’ Challenge!

Hi guys,

Just a quick blog post to describe mine and Dave’s clothing on my current video. Dave is wearing a green hoodie with a white and grey fractal patterned top and I am wearing a floaty cap sleeved crop top with blue base and a green and pink floral pattern on top from Topshop. Dave and I are sitting on my bedroom floor in front of my white wardrobe Dave is on the left and I am on the right. We periodically bend down to remove food items from our mouths which are disposed of into a bucket beneath the camera! We are filming with the GoPro Hero 3+ White edition so this wide angle lens creates a fish eye effect.

I decided to do this video as me and Dave wanted to do a challenge that was fun but also because I had written a blog post on how I deal with my food called ‘No Dog’s Dinners’. I guess not many people think about the logistics of a blind person knowing what they have on their plate or how to eat it politely. This is why I wanted to address this topic as it is literally a lucky dip every meal time! And this video is a funny way of showing this!

All of the things we eat we made sure to describe in the video and we made our reactions very apparent through our screams as well as our disgusted faces!

Hope you enjoy the video and if you have any more questions, as always, don’t hesitate to drop me and email or a comment on the video!

See below for my links and the video link.


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