Eventful Space Thoughts

Hi guys Lucy is back and is going to make up for lost time! I am going to post a lot more on this blog! I am going to be honest, I have been a little low and my video on not coping with blindness probably gave you some insight into how I was feeling. I didn’t want to make up excuses to you all and I thought by documenting how I feel it might help some others out there going through sight loss know that they aren’t alone.

My new video this week is about space. Before I lost my sight I used to love looking out my window at the stars and I used to check my twitter feed to see if there was any chance that I would ever catch a glimpse of a meteor shower, I even had a telescope for a time. I lost interest in this as I felt upset, naturally, that I couldn’t observe the beautiful night sky anymore, so I gave up. After being upset and consumed with A-Levels for a while I thought the summer was the perfect time to get all my hobbies back and get feeling like normal Lucy again! I loved doing this video as I found out a little more about blind astrophysicists! This really gives me hope for the future and the many scientific advancements to come. I talk in the video about my friend’s clothing line called ‘To The Moon’, he makes really lovely tops and jumpers for sale that he designs himself. So I really recommend checking his clothing line out, I love the tops as they are perfect for tucking into high wasted shorts or skater skirts perfect for the winter and for summer.

Audio description of the top I am wearing in the video: It is a plain white background with the words ‘magnificent desolation’ in a square, black font, the A’s have been replaced with triangles. Below this text is a spaceman completely in black and white print, looks like it has been printed on with a wood block. If you want more descriptions of any of the designs don’t hesitate to email or message me on twitter with the hash tag ttmclothing. Don’t forget if you spend £10 you get 10% off your whole order when you use the discount code yesterdayswishes!

I have some really exciting videos coming up for you guys including a cover, a new channel trailer (with music produced by my boyfriend Ollie and our best friend Jonny), a few blind life hacks videos and a surprise video! Cannot wait for you guys to watch them all! Hope you all are having a lovely summer! I would love to know where all of you are jetting off to! Even if you aren’t like myself let me know what you are up to. I have to get started on my long list of English Literature books I have to read for my A2 coursework next year after results! I am actually quite looking forward to burying myself into some books for a couple of weeks as I am a bookworm!

Write soon, Lucy xx



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