Easy Make-Up Tips

1. Skin

I have searched and searched for easily blendable foundations and have come up with a few that I think are the best to apply. The life saver and the key to my success in applying foundation is the Beauty Blender Sponge by Real Techniques, you run it under a cold tap and squeeze out the excess water, blob a bit of foundation onto your hand, dip the sponge into it and pat the sponge onto your face quickly. This allows for the foundation to not look cakey and sit nicely on your skin as the water from the sponge helps the foundation spread evenly.

As I have fair skin these recommendations will naturally be best suited for my skin type. For darker skin types I recommend using Lancôme and Maybelline. I have personally found it hard to find a perfect foundation as I am so pale but the Illamasqua range work perfectly if you want a full coverage as well as having some of the palest foundations on the market. If you want a lower end foundation I recommend L’Oreal Infallible in the shade porcelain, this foundation in every colour blends very easily if you use the sponge and is a lovely medium coverage. It makes you look natural and not too dulled up! In terms of finishing powders Rimmel Stay Matte is amazing, I think I have repurchased this about five times now and it is perfect for all skin types to make your foundation last longer and really set on your face. In my opinion the best concealer is Collection Natural Perfection this is really good coverage for blemishes and is very easy to apply! Just make sure you dab it onto your skin and it will create no lines.

2. Eyes

Being blind I tend to use light coloured eye shadows as I can’t really look in the mirror to check my mistakes. I love looking natural and the best eye shadows to do this are the MUA Makeup Academy in the colour Champagne I also love the Naked Palette by Urban Decay as this has a lot of neutral shades. My favourites are Virgin and Sin. If you want to be brave and try liquid eye-liner like I did I use Super Liner Perfect Slim by L’Oreal Paris as this is like a felt tip and gives me the confidence to draw a straight line on my eyelid. I haven’t quite mastered cat flicks yet but I will get there. The best mascara for me that is the easiest to apply and doesn’t clump your eyelashes is L’Oreal Miss Manga. This has quite a small brush and takes some mastering like the liquid liner but once you have done it there is no going back because your eyelashes will look lovely. In terms of pencil liners I recommend Mac as generally every brand tends to smudge after a whole day of wearing but Mac seems to excel for me and stays on my eye all night. I don’t think you will ever get a perfect pencil liner but this is just what I have found the easiest to apply and the longest lasting. Make sure you sharpen it quite a lot before use as I have really hurt my eye on several occasions through not doing this!

3. Lips

I find lip glosses the best to apply myself as they have a thinner consistency in comparison to lipstick and easier to spread around your lips. I find with lipstick if you don’t draw exactly around your lips right then you will look like you have a gap in your lipstick and this is not a good look! I use Revlon lip butters a lot as they are half between lipstick and a gloss. I also love Maybelline Baby Lips as if you layer this a lot then you get a really pigmented colour without the hassle of having to look in a mirror to coat every line of your lips. I’m not saying don’t go for lipsticks because I am in the process of learning how to apply them myself but like liquid liner and mascara it takes time to master when you are blind!

4. Contouring and Highlight

I use the NYC Sunny Bronzer and Lumi Magique by L’Oreal Highlighter. Personally for me this bronzer is very light as I am too afraid to go any darker because I like a natural makeup look. If you are ever scared that you have put too much bronzer of blusher on then just go over again with a little finishing powder to soften the contouring. Or just do it anyway as I do if you don’t have anyone to check for you. I don’t use the highlighter everyday unless for parties, it just adds definition to your cheek bones further and is quite easy to apply, but because it’s so white I tend to use this sparingly. In terms of blusher there are many out there and it’s up to you what suits you best. I tend to go for more rose tones in the winter as it looks like you have just come in from a cold winter’s day which adds colour to your cheeks. I use Lover by Illamasqua, this is quite bright and if you are into pigmented blushers like this one I also recommend Mac as they are big on pigmented colours!

5. Skincare and Make-up Remover

I use Simple for everything as it doesn’t contain any perfume which may irritate my eyes. I use the whole range from makeup wipes to face washes to remove my makeup. I use their moisturiser before applying makeup and before bed at night which acts as a lovely base for my makeup to sit on. If you want to go higher brand I really recommend Clarins also and I love their Teenage range for young skin. I use many different face masks but my favourite this month is The Body Shop’s Honey and Oat mask.

I hope these tips helped! If you want more information go to my YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/yesterdayswishes


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