Transcript of: Myths About Blindness

Guys I’m back on YouTube after two and a half weeks I’m so sorry that I have been away but I have been moving into my new flat and I’m finally back!


Hi guys, welcome back to YesterdaysWishes and today I am going to do a video for you on 10 misconceptions or myths on blindness.

I have wanted to do this video since I have been on YouTube as so many people have asked me so many questions and I just wanted to put peoples mind straight really.

So lets get on with the video!

‘IS THAT GUIDE DOG IN TRAINING?’ [silly voice reading out all of the questions]

My answer to this is no, I’m holding up Olga’s harness at the moment. The main bit of it, if they are not in training is white and if they are in training they have a brown harness on and they will be with a person with a massive Guide Dogs logo on the back of their top!


No! As I probably have better hearing than most sighted people because I have no vision and my other senses are heightened, my answer is just speak to me normally and it will be fine. Obviously in clubs if the music is really loud and booming, yes talk really loudly but this is normal!

OK… You might hear the fridge noise and Olga snoring so I do apologise!

The best misconception is: ‘Are most blind totally blind?’

And my answer to that is no. Just because I call myself blind doesn’t mean I don’t have a little bit of colour, some blurry blobs, but the reason I do call myself blind and the reason I am registered blind  is because I hardly have anything and usually when someone does call them self blind they can’t read text like myself and they are onto braille and tactile learning. They are almost in darkness but if someone calls them self visually impaired obviously they probably have a lot more vision, a lot more vision than a totally blind person. It depends on a person’s preference to what someone calls them self you need to talk to them and get to know their specific needs because everyone is different even though they are blind visually impaired or whatever! Don’t assume a label.


I just find this misconception really funny because literally Olga knows left, right, forward, back and knows where the curbs are. Obviously if she has done a route loads and loads of times, she knows pretty much where she’s going in terms of the curbs and knows where to go and stop but I am the driving force and I know where she’s going and know what she’s doing. I have to be more clued in and know where the steps are. Really the more and more we do a route the more Olga and I know it and get more confident and it is a lot easier. If we are in a random place we don’t know, it is really hard for me and her. I mean she just stops at curbs and doors, she knows certain commands and thats all I’d say. She doesn’t know how to get to Japan [music silenced] [waves hands]… Sorry not coming to Japan anytime soon.

[Music starts]


[sarcastic tone] Nooooo, I go to a normal school and do normal things. The only thing that isn’t normal about me, I guess, is that I’m blind and that isn’t even classed as abnormal because lots of  people are blind!! All I would say is is that we need adaptations, maybe a bit more than a normal sighted person but… Yeah, big big misconceptions guys.


No, no no no no nooo! Some people, actually, really don’t like braille and they use screen readers or other, you know, forms of technology to get around in their day to day life. Personally I think it’s the best to learn braille because it’s reading and writing and being completely independent, in my personal opinion but, you know, everyone is also different as I’ve said previously in the other questions in this video but no, [whisper] not all blind people read braille guys.

‘When talking to blind people you must not say ‘I see’ or use any figurative speech or they may get offended’

And guys, really? I, I use the word ‘I see’ and I don’t see anything, I just, I see! I, uh, I see! I see that you have something to say to me or I don’t know. I’ve said it all my life and I’m not going to change the way I speak just because I can’t actually see something so I guess it’s just, just a way of talking. And you can still see something it just means that you understand.

This one’s a really funny one actually, um, because I’ve had this inadvertently said to me but I’ve totally really smashed this misconception, um, because I don’t have a blind boyfriend. Sorry guys! Um, I don’t know if you thought I did but he just has 20:20 vision but yeah ‘blind people always date blind people’ NOO, just because they’re blind doesn’t mean their personality matches your personality and, you know, sorry they might be a lovely person but I’ve personally found someone that is really great for me that has sight.


Yeah, I have a pretty big social life actually Mr. Person who thinks that I don’t. I have mastered, totally mastered, the conga in the pub ‘kay? And my friends are absolutely amazing.

‘Blind people have no fashion sense’

I think I’ve already disproved this one with the fact that my previous videos, like, are all about fashion, monthly favourites, makeup. I’ve totally wanted to not be ‘stereotypically’ like, blind, um, but

cut to an image of my wardrobe that has clothes in ‘cause I’m fashionable.

[Video cuts back to Lucy]

So guys that’s the end of my video I hope you enjoyed it. Like, comment and subscribe, do all that sort of shizzle and don’t forget to check out my audioBoom because I am now starting, um, to audio describe things myself probably with Ollie in the background no doubt. I will name them – my audioBooms – the same as my videos so you can go check that out, what I’m wearing if you want to know all that shizzle. If you don’t it’s completely fine but it is all there ready waiting for you to be going to hear on audioBoom. Check that out, follow me on Twitter and look at my blog on WordPress and I hope you have a great week and I will see you very soon. Byeee!


The Video:


4 thoughts on “Transcript of: Myths About Blindness

  1. Dear Lucy,

    and thank you for sharing thoughts and vlogs with us. I just found your videos in YouTube. I admire your positive attitude and cheerfulness. You are such a charming and beautiful lady! My eye visiton is getting poorer and you have given confidence and strength to cope with the issue when my things may/will proceed even more. And, I am also happy to realize that there are ways to look pretty and fashionable no matter how well one could see. So thank you for the great tips!
    I wish you all the best, Lucy! I am happy that there are such lovely and heartfelt people like you in this world!

  2. Hello Lucy!
    I just look at your makeup video and I wanted to tell you I think you’re amazing. I was really bluffing to see you make yourself like a pro. You are soo cute =3
    I wish you good luck for the future of your youtube channel =)
    Excuse my English, I’m French ^^ ‘

  3. now i can finally learn how to do my own make up! thanks a loooot. i really have no clue on how to do it and your videos are so steps-full i feel like i can finally adventure myself into trying without looking ridiculous! thanks from brazil

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