Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow Palette in 568 Sunset – Review and swatches


Now, here are swatches of each shade:

Top Row:


Shades L-R: Matte black, metallic red, intense metallic amber with brown, true orange with sheen, yellow gold with sheen, mid blue with sheen.

Bottom Row:


Bottom Row (L-R): Metallic brown-bronze, metallic red-bronze, metallic copper, metallic white gold, golden pink metallic and finally a pale pink champagne.


  • All the eyeshadows in this pallette are extremely pigmented with high colour payoff, we were very impressed with the quality of these shadows, even the black has amazing pigmentation.
  • The texture is very creamy and they are easy to apply and are comfortable on the eyes and will last all day with an eye primer.
  • The matte black eyeshadow doesn’t kick up alot of product so this black would be suitable to use if you had low vision as it’s easy to blend making it not as intimidating as other black shadows.
  • There is a wide variety of beautiful metallic shades for using on the lid.
  • Has a nice big mirror on the compact


  • There was only one matte in the palette which would make it hard to use this palette in isolation without adding additional mattes from your collection



If you would like to see an eyeshadow look using this palette on the yesterdayswishes youtube channel please comment below and a link will be posted when a tutorial is up


Lucy & Alice




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