The New Beginning of My Happiness!

Today I completed counselling and I can definitely say that I am feeling happier than I have done in at least half a year. With my depression I ate a lot and consequently put on some weight so I am cycling it off and eating some kale to combat this! I definitely think exercise is contributing to my mood. I also think having this blog to write down my thoughts is a massive help. I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who supported my last post as that, for me, was a milestone in my life. It was a post I had always wanted to make however I knew if I typed all that when I was really ill it would’ve made my mood drop. I was waiting for my recovery that I had been wanting and working so hard for. I am on this long road of recovery and I am feeling fragile yet more able to cope. I have realised more than ever how powerful the mind is and how much you can change your mind set with the right help and your own inner strength. I tend to hop on the bike when I wake up and feel low as it really helps to get my day off to a positive start. I may document my bad blind days in the future but at least I am now equips with with methods of getting myself out of low mind sets. Hopefully I will never have to deal with depression again! The statistics for people developing depression are significantly higher than if you aren’t coping with blindness. I feel that this is a massive oversight when helping people cope. I feel there needs to be physical help for the lack of mobility side of blindness and also the mental grief and loss you experience at the same time. In my next few videos on my YouTube channel I will be covering aspects of my life that lead me to have clinical depression as low self esteem definitely contributed to my mental state. I will never stop having a voice! The past happened and I will always reflect in order to help others that may be in the situation I was in when I was a young teenager. There is always strength in telling your story and I will always believe this. Never let anyone tell you that you are anything but perfect otherwise they are really not worth your time! I have worked through my past in counselling and I can finally say it doesn’t effect me anymore! It is so liberating.

Click the link below as I have expressed feelings about my past that I am now not affected by because of my recent counselling.


3 thoughts on “The New Beginning of My Happiness!

  1. Years ago I met a blind lady who came from an east African country, and had retinitis pigmentosa which had also caused her brother to go blind. She was 42, and looked very young and pretty for that age. She was still single and had no intention of having children; she said she had had a good life but couldn’t guarantee the same for her children, as there was a strong chance that they would inherit the condition. She specifically said there was “a lot of depression with blindness”. She worked in a bank in north London, and her brother had moved to the States to get married, so they’d both done well for themselves and were independent.

    Glad you’re over this bout of depression and I hope you don’t have to deal with it again. BTW if that person did indeed dump you, you’re better off without them; you don’t need someone in your life who won’t see you (literally or otherwise) through the hard times.

  2. Hi!
    I just found your blog, and I have to say, your blog really inspired me. Sometimes I feel horrifically low when it comes to my blindness, and I try not to make a fuss as I know that other people experience much worse, but your post has made me feel better about it. It’s okay to have bad days, but we CAN rise above (in your case) depression. Thanks for writing this; I need to check out your youtube channel as well 🙂

  3. Oh Lucy, I love watching your channel! I too have a degenerative eye condition (RP), and my specialist says I am in the advanced stages. I tried not to think of it either throughout the years, instead putting forth my best and most positive self. But now I am experiencing worse vision. You probably can relate to the white flashes of light, the ripples of black or black static, or even the glare of cataracts. I understand the depression that losing sight can trigger. And i saw it affecting you as I marathon watched your vlogs. Thank you for sharing your experiences with sight loss. I absolutely adore you for it!

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