My Struggle With Inviting Music Back Into My Life

To me, music was something I had been associating with my sighted life and I hadn’t let it into my blind world yet. When I was younger I always played the guitar; I used to watch my sister playing in her room and my friend Jess post videos on YouTube. I always watched my hands when playing and, because I taught myself by sight, I still haven’t picked up my guitar since the day I lost my vision. I know it would make me happy to learn again but learning with no vision means I actually have to accept blindness. This thought hasn’t sat well with me.

I want to love music like I once did but I still cannot think of it in the same way. You are probably thinking… She has lost her eyesight not her ears but so many memories are associated with the sighted memories I created when listening to music. For a while I forced myself not to feel anything. Then I felt everything all at once and I had a breakdown. Music is beginning to have a new meaning because I finally realised you can make new memories and forget the past.

Heres to thinking of today and making the most of what you have! Happy Easter x


2 thoughts on “My Struggle With Inviting Music Back Into My Life

  1. I had a struggle with letting music back in my life for different reasons (terrible depression, mainly, feeling like a failure) and for years I avoided it and then I picked up a ukulele and it’s such a happy instrument and the people I’ve found to play with are non-judgemental and it’s just lovely. So, consider a uke! You may just love it as much as I do!!!

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