A journey to School

I love this blog post as it provides an accurate account of what blind trainee teachers face. I really feel that it’s important to spread awareness of the barriers blind people encounter when pursuing a career path they love. Laura is lovely, go over and follow her blog!

Inside the Hairy Classroom

It is Monday. It is cold. I am running late. I haven’t had time for any breakfast. I am, in short, in a right mood.

Now although these opening statements may give the impression that our tail is doomed, there is one saving grace to this story. Being blind means that I have kindly been granted a taxi which takes me to and from school. This is funded by the disabled students allowance (DSA) provided by Student Finance England. (A brief note, I believe our oh so benevolent current government are doing away with this allowance at the end of this year. If you are reading this post after 2016, funding is still available however I believe that universities themselves will now be asked to foot the bill, contact the disability adviser at your university to ask about this). Anyway, access to this makes my life so so so much…

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One thought on “A journey to School

  1. HI I am a teacher of the visually impaired and I love your outlook on life and recently watched your Youtube video on putting on make up. I love to make big goals too. It gives you something satisfying to focus on. Good luck on the marathon.

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