Thoughts on a random Friday in January 

Hey guys and welcome back to YesterdaysWishes! It is January and I am finally getting round to writing a blog post! I have made many resolutions for this year and I thought better late than never to talk about them on here!
I am a very obsessive person in the sense that I always need a new goal and challenge so i have made it my mission to run the London marathon 2017 this year in April. Many people have called me crazy but being obsessed to fulfil a really hard goal keeps me motivated and happy. I have a very obsessive personality and when I had a mental break down last year I learnt a lot about my self and how my brain copes with my lot in life. I need crazy journeys and what seems like unattainable goals in order to function. Some would say this is a technique to distract myself form the inevitable sadness that my blindness will bring me on a daily basis but exercise is my cure. Running makes the bad times seem more bearable and the happy times more happy and worth living through. I have so much more energy andI have made such an incredible friend Steve in the process (my guide runner). If you would like to sponsor me and Steve we are raising money for guide dogs for the blind. Here is the link: Cheers to replacing all the chocolate and sadness with running and happiness!
My next resolution was to look after myself more i.e. After a long day I would pamper myself and not get too worried about the strrreeeeeeeeesses of the day. I make myself light candles and find my happy place while snuggling Ollie and Olga at night! 

My next 2017 goal is to save save save! Myself and Ollie eventually want a house so that involves a mortgage!

My last goal is to make my channel more of a priority because it makes me happier than anything to talk to you guys. I am planning to start doing live shows at least once a month so we can chat and I can answer anything that you guys want me to!
Please tell me about your New Years goals either on here or my other social media. Because I would love to know! Happy Friday xxxxx


One thought on “Thoughts on a random Friday in January 

  1. Good luck with the marathon! One of my goals is to keep writing for my new blog which is about life, beauty and travel from the perspective of someone with a visual impairment. Reading blogs like yours and Fashioneyesta inspired me to do it, so thanks for that 🙂

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