Letters to a Blind Girl #1

Dear Fern, I never used to want a friend who had the same disability as me because I didn’t accept my own. I felt that letting myself have a friend that dealt with the same things made my blindness more real. I desperately wanted to forget about not being able to see but the problem was that it was my reality forever now and I had to accept it. I would sit for days wishing I wasn’t blind but every day I would wake up and the day would start in darkness. My only way out of this misery was to stop beating myself up for being the person I cannot change. I had to accept myself for the good and the bad. A part of my self-acceptance was finding you!

After connecting with you via Twitter all those months ago you have understood things that no one else could possibly understand. You listen to my sadness and laughter. You understand when I say I am having a ‘bad blind day’ because you have them too. I am excited to start this series on our blogs together.

I will be posting every Tuesday and you will find a reply from Fern on her blog every Thursday. Ferns blog link: withlovefromfern.tumblr.com

If you want to tweet us your own thoughts on our letters to each other then use #letterstoablindgirl and we would love to chat.

Lots of hugs, RSVP on Thursday Fern!

L xxx


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