Letters to a blind girl #5

Dear Fern,


It is easy to find yourself thinking that someone else’s grass is greener but if we don’t stop and think about what we have and what we can become then our own lives are consumed with someone else’s. This is no way to live. If you let comparison of another become all consuming it is detrimental but if there is no comparison at all I think it would limit ones motivation to do better.


I do believe that having an inner self acceptance allows you to make healthier comparisons. If you are always wanting to be something you are not and looking to others on the internet that are fulfilling those dreams you have you can step back and think:

A. They are great so why should I bother even trying?

B. Why should they get everything? I am angry!

C. They are so amazing and I am not.

D. They are really cool and I am inspired to make my own content.


I think answer D is definitely the one to go with! It is hard to step back and reflect on why you feel a certain way but when you do life gets a lot happier. Someone out there may be wishing they had your life…it is all about personal perspective as you say Fern.


If you are reading this and wishing that you had a different life to the one your lead then just remember…you have the power to do something. Looking at other people will only make you unhappy so please look at all the great things you do have. Determination is everything.

If you want to join the conversation then tweet us with #letterstoablindgirl and if you want to see Fern’s replies every Thursday then head on over to her blog withlovefromfern.tumblr.com


Speak to you next Tuesday!


Lucy xoxox


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