Letters To A Blind Girl #7

Dear Fern,

In all truth a lot of things inspire me. From the people in my life to all of the challenges I have faced – so I thought I would list a few things I am grateful for:

1. My lovely partner, family and friends

2. Olga, my lovely life long companion who will always show me the way

3. The hope of a new start from a new day if I am struggling today

4. My love for documentaries – learning new things inspires me to always challenge my thoughts and think of a new perspective

5. The sounds of the birds because they always make me feel peaceful

6. Music – the ability to still have my hearing so I can appreciate this art

7. The laughter of my Ollie

8. The hugs from my loved ones

9. The knowledge that I have people around me that love and support me

10. The freedom to have my own voice as a disabled woman in 21st century Britain

11. My YouTube channel – it still amazes me that I can chat to people in an instant that are sitting on the opposite side of the world. We are never alone in what we face.

These are only a few things that I appreciate in this world. I would love to know yours Fern!

Please join the conversation by tweeting us #letterstoablindgirl and if you want to see the lovely responses from Fern every Thursday check out her blog at withlovefromfern.tumblr.com

Write back next Tuesday!

Love always,

Lucy xxxx


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