Letters To a Blind Girl #9

Dear Fern,


I take great inspiration from many people, art forms and concepts in my life and I believe it brings me great happiness. Finding one thing that inspires you may ignite some desire in you that you may not have ever thought about.


I know that when I see fitness vloggers eat healthy in their videos I do want to put the digestives down. When I hear a good song it makes me want to create things myself and when I listen to one of my friend’s BBC reports it does make me inspired to find a story and make a package for radio!


Everyone is motivated and inspired by different people and concepts and, in my opinion, it makes the world go round. It makes people strive for their best and reach their goals.


However, to answer your question Fern – do I like being called ‘inspirational’?

I definitely want to motivate people to live life the fullest. This is one of the main reasons why I make my YouTube videos. I love showing people that no matter what you can still be happy in life. It took me so long to be able to do my makeup myself and I do think of this as a great achievement of mine as it has helped me feel better about my look. I do like to be a source of inspiration on the internet for people because I would have loved to log onto YouTube when I was going blind and find someone like me. Disability can be very lonely so it is important to get as much content out there as humanly possible. This is my mission. If this is inspirational then I believe everyone else out there who is trying to make the world a better place also is!

We should all strive to love each other and be a supportive community. I am an advocate for promoting everyone’s happiness and creativity.


Fern – you are one of my inspirations because every week I love reading your letters. You write so eloquently and this is only one of the many reasons why I admire you. You have every reason to keep smiling girlie!


Lots of hugs,


Lucy loo xxxx


Do you want to see what Fern has to say in response? withlovefromfern.tumblr.com


Remember everyone – if you love what me and Fern are doing here do not forget to post your own response on your blog because we would love to read! Include the link to it in a tweet to us both and use #letterstoablindgirl




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