Letters To a Blind Girl #11

Dear Fern,

I am so happy to hear that you are uploading! It is so fab to have so many disabled voices online. I really do enjoy YouTube and if I am to give you any advice as you are starting out it would be to upload content you enjoy making.

Over the years I have had some months off from uploading and this is not because my love for making videos faded – it was my mental health. For some time I was quite low and looking back I didn’t ever want to upload anything other than my best self for you guys. I also started to get very self conscious about my weight. Since starting my channel all those years ago I have gained 4 stone. This isn’t something I am too proud of but my way of coping with my sight loss was to eat my feelings! I have since come to the conclusion that I am proud of who I am and the way I have coped over the ears is part of my journey to success and happiness. I should be proud of the good and the bad no matter what.

I have come to many conclusions over the years and another is to not care about wearing makeup in my videos. I always to this day have never uploaded a video without anything on my face and I think I need to upload blogs that show my glamour side as well as my bare face. I have always made sure to be myself on my channel and this is something I am proud of. I just need to let myself live a little more and accept the bits of myself I haven’t before. Next week I am uploading a video on this topic and I hope it will help others out there to accept the good and bad in life. All these years I have been working on accepting going blind and have left other parts of my self acceptance behind – this includes taking care of my body! Here is to a happy brain and some more fabulous videos.

I am so grateful for you my lovely Fern. Your speeches really are fab.

If you want to check out Ferns reply to me go to withlovefromfern.tumblr.com

Tweet us your replies at #letterstoablindgirl

RSVP Thursday,

Lucy xoxox


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