Letters to a Blind Girl #13

Dear Fern,


My love of makeup really did start when I grew closer and closer to my sister. As a little girl myself and Alice would argue like any normal sisters and didn’t feel as if we had too much in common. We both – independently of each other – went onto YouTube and started watching lots of makeup videos. We started to share different tips and it became something we shared together. We have really similar skin tones so would wear the same foundation shade. Alices style has always been quite iconic, unique and bold. I used to be scared to be as bold with my appearance but she taught me to be myself and don’t be afraid to display your creativity outwardly. When I lost my eyesight she taught me how to reinvent my appearance in a way that suited me. She was the one that made me confident enough to make a channel about makeup and blindness. She made me believe that I could participate in a sighted art. I have a lot to thank my sister/best friend for. She gives me confidence that no one else can. She truly is my mirror and whatever she says goes. I don’t ever feel too sad that I can’t see myself because not only has she given me the tools to be confident in my own application and ability she is always there to give me the final opinion on something. Every blind girl needs a sister to make you feel like you can do makeup without a mirror and this is why I made my channel. Beauty is more than just about application and visuals. Makeup and beauty is about how it makes you feel, the experience of wearing it and the complements you get hehe!!!


Check out ferns blog! Withlovefromfern.tumblr.com


Write a response and use #letterstoablindgirl


Lots of love,

Lucy xoxo




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