About YesterdaysWishes

As you guys sometimes ask the same/really great questions I have decided to answer them on here for everyone to see. I shall still always reply to comments but if your question has been asked several times then I can just link this page to you


Q: What made you decide to call your YouTube channel Yesterdayswishes?


A: The reason that I chose Yesterdayswishes is because I think a person always wishes naturally that things could have been done in the past and wants to have another chance to fix the past or wish the past had never happened. As humans we naturally analyse ourselves all the time. I used to wish with my disability that I could have done something to try and prevent going blind or seeked different advice and help earlier but I’ve realised since that you have to stop wishing for yesterday as you are living today and that’s all that matters. If you don’t try to be happy today then you will always get driven down by the past. I take this into account especially now I’ve lost my eyesight as it’s not worth going over what I have lost, you just have to try and make it better and help other people that are in similar situations.


5 thoughts on “About YesterdaysWishes

  1. hi Lucy

    You don’t know me obviously !
    But I am one of your avid you tube followers and love what you do :)I love all your videos even the sad one! Gosh I so wanted to reach in and give you a hug ! – which leads me to another you tube lady who is also blind – her name is Joy Ross and she is from America ,
    I just thought it may be worth a look she is a very positive person and although she is older than you – 36 she was partially sighted since 7 but had a retina detachment 6 years ago – regardless of wether you are religious – she is a Christian like myself – she has such a positive outlook – it’s worth a look .
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you every success joy and happiness always – regards

    Suzanne xxx
    Ps so sorry I wanted to e mail you this but it wouldn’t send – hope you dont mind it being here !

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